Packaly Case Study

Packaly is an on-demand delivery service that delivers parcels out as soon as possible, usually within 60 minutes. They employ more than 1200 delivery drivers and operate in more than 35 cities throughout several European nations. Packaly stands out since they offer this item totally CO2-neutrally. Only bicycles and electric automobiles and vans are used for delivery.

The CEO of the company, Axel, was forced to travel a long and difficult road with delivery businesses during his prior e-commerce companies, which served as motivation for disrupting the on-demand delivery market for retailers.


“First of all, as a startup, it’s important to consider all budgets, but invest mostly in technology. Therefore, it’s been a simple but also fast choice to work with an external development team. It is hard to find talent in The Netherlands, as big tech companies have a lot more to offer right now. We started looking into different countries, which gave us the power to expand our team way faster.”

Cultural Fit

The company Packaly has a strong set of principles. They place a high priority on sustainability in all of their services, think that technology can drive change and work hard and intelligently to complete tasks.

The organization places a great emphasis on maintaining its culture of collaboration, optimism, and positivity. Packaly’s constant goal is to transform the world. In their initial request, they asked for more than simply technical expertise—they wanted someone who could strike a balance between experience, charisma, and cultural affinities.

Packaly decided to extend their team to Moldova due to criteria including excellent English, quick communication, and trust.


The initial search was for an experienced web developer. They needed a forward-thinking individual who could develop the product while ensuring that each task is fully completed. Strong knowledge of the PHP programming language and Node.js was required.


BackstageIT mapped the Moldavian market during the recruitment process to look for qualified applicants. The recruitment team concentrated on giving Packaly a list of pre-qualified individuals. Interviews were conducted in two stages as part of the selection process, beginning with the technical specialist and people coordinator from BackstageIT and concluding with a lengthy final interview with Packaly.


For a successful start to their partnership, BackstageIT assisted Packaly in locating the required candidate on schedule and within their set budget. Due to the partnership’s success and the developer’s great fit, Packaly quickly opted to add another developer to their already expanded team.

The extended Packaly team has been working with BackstageIT for two and a half years, slowly but steadily expanding. The team in Moldova now consists of three developers who use Golang, Node.js, and PHP (Laravel). Additionally, they have a project manager for better project coordination and a QA Engineer to quickly find any software bugs.

Packaly benefits from the team’s variety and the effectiveness of remote working.

Packaly has the flexibility and power to concentrate on what is required and complete the sprints in great detail thanks to the diversity of the team and the effectiveness of remote working.

“The Moldavian developers are fast, highly skilled, and know what they are talking about. They got the knowledge you need in an early-stage company, but also when you are scaling up and growing your team. This is powerful to scale fast and get answers from your development team constantly.” (Axel Dekker)


Here are just a few aspects of our model that Packaly has valued thus far in our collaboration.

Cultural Fit

Packaly valued BackstageIT’s commitment to ensuring the ideal fit, both culturally and technically, which they observed in all of the applicants put forward for the interview.


To advance their unique ideas in a quick-moving market, Packaly needed to hire engineers in weeks as opposed to months. The ability of BackstageIT to strike a balance between process speed and quality was essential to a fruitful partnership.

Collaboration and alignment

Packaly enjoyed BackstageIT’s insightful evaluation of the candidates. They were also happy that BackstageIT made sure everyone felt at ease and involved during the hiring process, which helped the winning applicants’ onboarding process go well.

Plans for the future

The team from Moldova is continuously expanding, for example, they are now searching for a Flutter Developer. Packaly frequently travels to Moldova to check on their colleagues and work some time together from BackstageIT’s office in Chisinau. Additionally, the team from Moldova and the Netherlands organize periodic team-building events outside the country. They were recently in Barcelona. This guarantees team cohesion and cultural exchange. This improves team dynamics for increased performance and production.

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