Our model

The happiness of your extended team

BackstageIT is a people-oriented company that does everything in its power to make you and your extended employees feel good. We do this by providing everything that your colleagues from abroad need to perform at their best, so that they can come to the office excited to work for you.

In addition to the work itself, we organize themed events and surprises. We do this because we believe that people are more productive when they are happy at work. “Work hard, play hard” is our motto and makes the developers working out of our office excited to work for your company.

BackstageIT in a nutshell

BackstageIT helps you set up an extended team by finding new IT colleagues across the border in Moldova, or Romania. We have the capacity to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. We identify your expectations and requirements for successful candidates and then handle all of the logistics. The result is an Extended Team that fully matches your expectations in both technical and soft skills.

This is not outsourcing or outstaffing; we are expanding your in-house team. Our mission is only successful if the new employees fit into your company culture and are happy in our office, which is fully equipped and operated like your headquarters.

Work environment

Our offices are located in easily accessible areas and will meet all your business requirements with Grade A buildings, branding, security, and more. What makes BackstageIT unique compared to other parties is the setting we create for your extended team. All the different extended teams work under one roof, which creates a mutual dynamic that you only really understand when you are here. Each separate team works for a different company, but together they form the BackstageIT team.

Everything breathes your company

When you enter our office, you’ll see a super modern IT environment that has everything developers need to do their best work. We provide quiet areas for your employees to focus, as well as areas for relaxation, since both are necessary for efficiency and employee satisfaction. We also integrate your corporate identity in the area where your team works. We’ll put your logo on the wall and place banners and other branded materials to help your developers feel part of your company.

The health of your team members is our top priority. To ensure that they can be productive throughout the day, BackstageIT provides daily warm lunches, snacks, fruits, and soft drinks. 

A committed core team

The Extended Team model benefits you as a business owner. Building an integrated team is complicated if you go into it on your own. Our pre-established flight path makes it far easier.

BackstageIT has a core team to ensure that these processes run smoothly. We take care of all of the logistics of creating and maintaining an Extended Team. We keep in touch with case managers and are aware of everything that happens with the Extended Team so that we can react quickly and take any necessary action.

There isn’t a huge difference in working hours between the Netherlands and Moldova, or Romania. Developers start their day between 8 and 9 am and finish around 6 pm. This is particularly useful if you want your entire team, both at home and abroad, to work with only one hour of time difference for the best possible collaboration. 

An Extended Team is always tailor-made

Every company is looking for something different, so no two searches for an Extended Team are exactly the same. This means that we look beyond skills or experience and also select based on personal characteristics. We do everything we can to mirror your corporate identity and values ​​as much as possible in Moldova, or Romania. The developers you decide to hire will become full members of your company.

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of an Extended Team for your company with you.


BackstageIT also provides the flexibility so that if, for example, you have a team meeting every Tuesday evening that involves the Extended Team, we can adjust your team’s work hours.

BackstageIT links the infrastructure used within your company to your Extended Team. We can integrate project management systems and let conference calls take place on the channels you prefer. 

We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of an Extended Team for your company with you.