StaffCapital is a company aimed to help entrepreneurs grow faster by developing operating solutions that support them to better organize the staffing. 
Their continuous development led to the need of increasing the company’s tech unit.

That’s when BackstageIT entered the scene

The story so far…

StaffCapital is a company aimed to help entrepreneurs grow faster by developing operating solutions that support them to better organize the staffing. They offer amazing experiences to over 1000 customers and 15000 employees every year in the Netherlands.

Their continuous development led to the need of increasing the company’s tech unit. That’s when BackstageIT entered the scene. 

StaffCapital were instantly impressed with the teams created within the extended teams ecosystem. After several meetings and presentations, Rick & Remco were confident that BackstageIT could help them find qualified candidates required within the desired timeframes.


Technical skills shortage

One of the main challenges of StaffCapital was having the right technical talents available for the associated deadlines. The company was looking for people who are tech-oriented professionals, people who care and want to connect with the business and the products they work on. They needed a partner that could deliver a shortlist of candidates with the right skill-sets, candidates who would have been willing to experiment with new technologies. The creativity of the candidates was an important element of the StaffCapital selection process.

Tipping point

BackstageIT moved from a tactical provider to a strategic partner as a result of the structure and quality of our HR team. Our ability to provide strong domain knowledge candidates across a range of key skill sets was an important aspect of our value add. StaffCapital needed a trusted partner that could help them scale the team even in the case of a larger number of vacancies over the course, which BackstageIT proved capable of achieving.

“Our team in Moldova is a combination of full-stack developers, front-end and back-end developers. Next to our QA & DevOps team. These people are important to us. Our business in software is also all about people, helping them find a job and getting them paid. So dare to join us and help us create an impact on our products for thousands of users and get them paid every month.”

Remco Lamberts
Manager E-Services

The assignment

StaffCapital owns eight digital platforms. Due to the scale of the projects, the stack of hires varied. BackstageIT core team worked directly with Remco, manager of e-services to understand the roadmap for each development team and where the next hire would fit into these plans.

The first task for BackstageIT recruitment department was to find one Full-Stack Developer and one Front-End Developer proficient in React.


The recruitment process was efficient, and it allowed StaffCapital to look at several candidates. Speed was also a significant factor. BackstageIT provided a weekly shortlist presentation showcasing candidates. This information included an overview of the candidate’s knowledge, salary, and soft skills. The level of English of the candidates was also a pleasant surprise for the client. Two candidates were selected for the final interview.


First two developers were hired in promised time and turned out to be perfect fit for StaffCapital. Both on technical and soft skills part. 

Foremost, it proved that developers from Moldova are good specialists and can handle any project. Second, BackstageIT gained trust of a new partner by proving that it is very good at what they’re doing, and their product is worth it. 

This was the moment of expansion of the StaffCapital team and since then have been a partner of BackstageIT for more than two years.

“We found a great partner in BackstageIT. The software developers and the core team we work with bring a high level of knowledge and great work ethic. Extended team model which they provide resonates with our values.”

Rick Simons
CEO of Staff Capital Groep


Currently, StaffCapital extended team consists of three full-stack developers, eight front-end and five back-end developers. StaffCapital didn’t stop on developers, they also hired through BackstageIT a project manager, UI/UX designer, a DevOps Engineer and a whole team of five QA engineers with their own QA Lead. The team of 2 became a team of 24 and is still growing..


At the moment, StaffCapital team is looking for two more developers to join their team. And we believe these are not the last ones, because a successful company, that is constantly growing, will always need more people to build and support their projects. Expanding their team to Moldova is an excellent solution for StaffCapital. 

Tips from StaffCapital
for companies interested to extend their teams abroad

  • Trust BackstageIT in organizing a good onboarding experience
    BackstageIT helps to create a positive and thriving atmosphere in the Chisinau office. Every time a new team member is brought in, BackstageIT core team does their utmost to ensure that newcomers feel comfortable and have all they need to work productively. 
  • Consistently collaborate as a team
    Have remote work sessions, both to work on projects and to build camaraderie through non-work-related activities. Your extended team feels much closer when you have daily standups and wrapups.
  • Meet your team face-to-face
    Organize business trips to the headquarters for your team, or visit the office in Chisinau by yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised at how people open up when they meet in person. And knowing your team is essential for the success of the company. 
  • Have fun along the way and celebrate milestones, no matter how big or small they are