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Packaly Case Study

Packaly is an on-demand delivery service that delivers parcels out as soon as possible, usually within 60 minutes. They employ more than 1200 delivery drivers and operate in more than 35 cities throughout several European nations. Packaly stands out since they offer this item totally CO2-neutrally. Only bicycles and electric automobiles and vans are used for delivery.
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Extended Teams vs Outstaffing

Don’t blindly wonder if the extended teams model or outstaffing is right for you. To empower business owners like you, we’ve created a list of the pros and cons of each model here, so that you can make the right choice the first time and avoid buyer’s remorse.
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What are the Benefits of Extended Teams?

The key ingredient for a successful company is having the right people on board! While it’s crucial, hiring the best people is a challenging task, with outsourcing sometimes appearing as the best option.
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